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Don't Let The Past Catch Up

In run-down North England, a mentally-ill thief kidnaps a woman, but is hunted down by her girlfriend, who is a volatile police detective.

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ETHAN HOLT is a harrowed 28 year old, haunted by his abusive past and riddled with paranoia and delusions. When a botched robbery leaves him with a dead partner and a bullet wound, his only hope is grab a hostage and get out of the country – that hostage is ABI CLARKE (26). Abi’s lived a boring life up to now, cutting hair in a run-down parlour, always wishing for something more, so when Ethan staggers through a café door and puts a gun on her, she really doesn’t have a choice.

The two of them run from the law, hiding in motels and stolen cars, but their pursuer is quite familiar: SOPHIA BARNES is a 31 year old detective with a violent history, who will do anything to find Abi, her secret girlfriend. Sophia and Ethan grew up in the same rough neighbourhood, and as she hunts him down, she is forced to delve into her own past – one she wishes she could forget. Meanwhile, Abi gets under Ethan’s skin, but is she playing him, or has she finally found the one thing to bring excitement to her dull life?

It Will Happen Again is a psychological crime-thriller, crawling with twisted memories and dark secrets that are destined to shatter all expectations. A bad-boy, good-girl, flick that breaks all the rules: Chinatown meets The Girl with A Dragon Tattoo, set in broken Britain. Invoking themes of class struggle, LGBT issues and mental health; everyone is trapped in their own cycles, but what does it take to break free? 



Sophia is a 31 year old, wry, abused, homicide detective. She hides everything from herself and others, even unwilling to reveal her homosexuality. When her secret girlfriend, Abi Clarke, is kidnapped by a former classmate of Sophia’s, she is forced to return to her old neighbourhood to confront her past. After years of therapy and trying to forgot, all she wants to do is move on with her life and be happy, but she is stuck in a cycle of regret and denial, the only way to break it is to save Abi and confront her past.

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Ethan Holt, 28, emotional, desperate, has spent his whole life living in the dirt. Forever in the shadow of his older brother and always looked down on by society, he finally wants to break free of the cycle of mistreatment. After a traumatic childhood incident, Ethan has struggled with mental health problems, paranoia, obsession and delusions. After a robbery goes wrong, he is backed into a corner and forced down a dark path of kidnapping and murder.

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Azam, 29, a rising star in the police department, gets his first homicide case as a detective when Ethan’s robbery goes wrong. He is desperate to prove himself, both to the police and Sophia, who he is infatuated with. Over the course of the film, Azam learns how to really conduct a police investigation, when to bend the rules, and how to use his academic skill to his advantage.

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Abi Clarke, 26, at first, she seems meek, naïve and innocent, trying to get Ethan to take pity on her. But really, she is a cerebral psychologist who wants to get Ethan to give himself up before anyone else dies, no matter the cost to herself. As Ethan drags her through the underworld, she finds her resolve tested, but her principles remain true.

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