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Luke is a screenwriter who previously worked writing the top 40 charts for MTV and entertainment shows for the science channel. 


In 2018 Luke became a screenwriter full time, he has four features optioned with two due to shoot in 2024. He has a myriad of feature and spec scripts available which you can check out below, He also works on hire and has worked professionally as a script consultant.

Below you will find his various writing projects, if any of them take your fancy, drop an email:

Luke Hunter's full PDF Concept Deck can be found here: 

Represented by Screen Talent:

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Concept Deck


Luke Hunter's full concept deck, including complete scripts and spec ideas can be found here:



last resort 2_edited.jpg


Four couples are kidnapped whilst on holiday in an Italian villa by a family who wants revenge for the death of their son.


Producers: Sparky pictures, Hayley Medwell (ind)


Status: Due to shoot in Spring 2024, budget £2 million

Killer 2.jpg


A group of amateur dramatic actors are taken hostage in a theatre by a deranged murderer who kills them one by one.


Producers: K. P. Productions


Story by Kapil Rijal, screenplay by Luke Hunter. (I was hired to write the screenplay from a skeletal outline with nuance given to dialogue and character arcs)


Status: Due to shoot Summer 2024, Budget £700,000

Liar's Den.jpeg


Two strangers are trapped in an underground facility where they are forced to reveal each other’s secrets to escape.


Producers: Skyland Films


Cowritten with Norman Tamkivi


Status: Producers and director attached, pitching to studios for financing, expected budget £800,000

border 2.png


5 years after a nuclear incident, a mother and daughter try to find shelter in North England, while an army captain tries to keep immigrants out of the safe-zone.         

Producers: Skyland Films

Cowritten with Norman Tamkivi, based on an award winning short film

Status: Producers and director attached, pitching to studios for financing, expected budget £5 million


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All scripts available on request

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All scripts available on request

Short Scripts

Here is a selection of Luke's short script.

For samples of feature scripts, please visit the treatment page of each feature or email Luke for the full script at

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one minute 1.png

One Minute

A thriller about two detectives solving a murder in the near future, using a chemical that brings people back from the dead for one minute.

scifi ship.jpg


A sci-fi thriller about a group of astronauts who discover a shapeshifting alien is aboard their ship - The Thing in Space

Time heals all.png

Time Heals All

A man repeatedly goes back in time to watch his lover die and is driven mad by the grief.



A black comedy about a man who gets sucked into a crime when his best mates decide to rob the corner shop he works in.

Pros and cons.webp

Pros and Cons

A woman waits for the tube and lists the pros and cons of stepping in front of the next train.

Double blind date.webp

Double-blind Date

Two intelligence agents meet up for a date, each one thinks they’re trying to trick the other out of information.

Loan from Alice.webp

Alice's Loan

A banker faces a work dilemma, when a prostitute he slept with comes to his bank and demands a loan for her brothel.


Here is a selection of my produced writing works, including pitch pilots, shorts, sketches and some student films which probably shouldn't see the light of day!

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Onlyfans vs The Red Pill – Pitch Pilot

A pitch pilot for the 7x30 mockumentary about an Onlyfans model who is forced to live with a men's rights activist.
Filmed for a budget of £1,000, this pilot displays the hilarity and ease of creation of this series and is currently being shown to producers and studios.

David Attenborough Narrates a First Date

A short comedy about two millennials having an awkward first date, narrated by Attenborough
featuring actress/influencer Amber Doig-Thorne, produced by Windows Zebra Media and Directed by Joseph Archer.

5 things to talk about in the office

A spoof of educational corporate videos that explain how to talk to your coworkers.

The Anderson Account

A short comedy about an uptight employee arguing with a laidback co-worker about a prized account

A Millennial Interview

A black comedy about an insensitive boss who interviews a young millennial in bizarre ways.

Kept Awake

A student film about a young man who is kept awake by memories of times he has embarrassed himself in front of a girl he fancies.

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